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January 02, 2010


Bev Love

Fantastic to hear from you. Love the jacket.

aka paletpc

Cheryl Stephens

sorry to hear about the divorce. but you all look great! and the new bf is a cutie! :) i finished the shawl for alison finally! woohoo! that was a huge project! just finishing up some smaller projects right now, and doing some quilting! we need to get together for a wine cooler/margarita knit night!


oh my gosh I miss you!
It's been a crazy couple years for me too. I am so sorry to hear about HWWL. I think of you ALL the time and was checking pretty regularly to see if you blogged...and you FINALLY did! ( I was getting sick of looking at shrimp) Hope you are well and the jacket is fantastic.


Seems like our paths have been walking side by side for a while...we really should get together. I'm so happy that things are working themselves out and that all of you are so good...Go Jacks....



Miss talking to you online and reading your blog! We've got to "talk" sometime. I am glad you are okay and your life is working out. I saw that you were selling your Kromski Symphony on Rav. I LOVE that kind of wheel. Need to sell my Mach I before I could buy though. Glad you found a buyer.

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Sorry to hear you got divorced but I like to think there is a reason for everything. You do look great.

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