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September 23, 2008



i'm so glad to see you knitting and crocheting again! and it's good to see cheerleader daughter enjoying school!


Love the granny square afghans! Makes me want to make one for Trouble and the baby.

LOVE the pictures from College! I miss those days already with Munchkin.

As for the long sweaters, they were very popular in the 80's and the sweater coat never seems to go out of style really. I am actually working on a swatch for one for myself to wear with jeans, so I would love to know what you plan to do....


Where have you been? I've missed reading your blog. Please write to me and let me know you're doing okay. If you're not okay, let me know that too.


Hello!- I came across your crocheted blankets and found them absolutely amazing-what type of pattern did you use. I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!


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