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September 09, 2008



I just wanted to say what a caring mom you are. Your children are lucky to have someone so honest, open and loving to be there for them. I have missed your blog, but I am glad to know your family comes first. I work in schools where parents put themselves first much too often. I hope things calm down, and that your family stays close.


How lovely to see you back. That depression can really kick your butt. Glad to hear that the path is straightening out a bit for you and the family. The past few years have been tough. Be easy on yourself and this too will pass.


Jeanie, I'm so glad to hear that things are starting to turn around for you and your family. Take care!



We should really get together! I am on Lexapro as well and I do know EXACTLY how you feel. I am so happy that things are better now and that you are feeling safe enough to share.

Axe 'Em Jacks!


So wonderful to see you back! Yeah, things can get messed up in life. I know as I had been going through some times ever since we moved last December. I don't blog about it much. I kick back from things pretty quickly and get back to being motivated. It's a survial skill. Stay motivated and doing well! This too shall pass.

Bev Love

Welcome back Sweetie,
I have missed you and the kids so much. Wonderful to read things are looking up!! Big HUG, love and prayers.


aka paletpc


I am so sorry for all that you have been going thru, as well as your children, and as a Mother I know all to well how our children's burdens become our own and how we tend to put ourselves at the bottom of 'being taken care of' list. Big hugs to you honey, and those beautiful kidlets of yours.


It's great to see you back blogging again.

Sorry to hear about the difficulties that have been going on in your and the kids lives, hopefully there are brighter times ahead for all of you.

Take care.

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