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January 01, 2008



Thanks for the great pictures. Love the new haircut.


The new hair cut is great!

The "new" hobby looks fab! The dye jobs look great and I'm sure that the finished products will be as yummy! GO JACKS! One can NEVER have too much SFA gear, ever!

Thanks for sharing your family with us!


LOVE the hair!
We got Guitar Hero III too & it is a lot of fun!!!
That yarn looks so yummy!!!
Happy New Year to you & your family!


OMG!!!! Those rovings you dyed are gorgeous!!!


LOVE your new hair-do, makes you look at least 15 years younger (not that you looked older in the first place)...it's really, really fab. Keep it that way!


Oh my god your haircut is so cool. Seriously, it's great :)

So is the dyed fiber--how satisfying to dye your own fiber! And those socks, and the mittens--very impressive. Oh, very happy-looking family too :)

Julianne Bredestege

looks like fun- what is the skull and crossed needles shirt?? so cool....i use to have that same hairdo

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