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September 13, 2007


sarah lou

i heart good days. :)

gotta pack and nap before we hit the road at 8, but don't think i won't be daydreaming of texas while i drive!


No fair...I wanted to make the scarf with you....

I told you that send the first one off was hard, but it does get better. I promise. Let me know if there is anything I can do....


So, what's with the tattoo? Or am I missing something?

Here's a *hug* for you on your bad days. And here's a *smile and a laugh* for you on your good days. ;-)


That is a beautiful tribute to Kyle. I'm glad things are looking up! And very glad fss and Sarah are working things out! The haruha scarf is beautiful! It is definately on my to do list! Hang in there, and remember I'm just a phone call away! (or an email!)


I am not going to say a thing.


Love the sock! Kiddo is a freshman in hs this year, and the drama has stepped up a notch to make me wonder if I need to start drinking. I can't think about the gone to college thing yet - hang in there.


Gorgeous scarf! It reminds me a lot of my Hempathy sweater. I can't say I condone the tattoo, but I guess at this point the damage is done! I'm glad to hear things are going better for you.


Sorry you're going through trying times. My thoughts are good wishes are with you.

The periwinkle socks are adorable. Chelle


Just had to comment on the tat. Without going into too many details - my 2nd oldest son's best friend died from an overdose. He had the boy's name tatooed to the inside of his forearm in memory of him but more importantly as a reminder every day not to come to the same sad ending. (I know from reading your blog that that wasn't the case for Kyle and know that FSS loved him dearly to do that to his body). I don't like my babes to have the tats but what's a mom (and g-ma) gonna do?!!

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