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September 11, 2007



Lovely to have you back!
How did you make your space age dummy?


Yay! Welcome back! And what a lovely sock!


Love the Duct tape looking dummy.....I might need that sock pattern. It looks like it would be a great sock for the Tofutises that I have in my stash. Now that school has started, has life returned to "normal"?

Glad to ahve you back on the "air".


Welcome back! Very pretty socks :o)


I love that sock colour & the pattern ... where can I get them?
Sorry to hear about your Something Red :-(
I too love your Duct Tape form too ... I've really got to make one of those!

sarah lou

the sock? gorgeous... how long do i have to wait 'til that pattern isn't exclusive to hill country yarns sock club, do you know by any chance?

miss you.


Great to see you blogging again.

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