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June 10, 2007


Glamaw/ aka Queen E, Lady of Laughter,  We take our sillieness seriously          .

Wish I had been there for the garage sale. Now that I am brunette, I could have used some of those hair pieces too!


Looking at your solid color Babette I wonder what the Lion Brand organic cotton would look like. I think there are 4 shades in it but I could be wrong.


Those are some wondeful Babettes.

I love them.

Congrats on your garage sail!

Octopus Knits

I think both your Babettes are gorgeous -- totally different, but gorgeous!


I think both Babette's are STUNNING, but yes, it is difficult to believe that they are both from the same pattern.
Geesh, looks like there was some good stuff at that Garage Sale, to bad you live so far from me :-(


Wow - both blankets are amazing! - but you're right, I would NEVER guess they were the same pattern! Actually, I'm partial to the white one!


Wow, great job on the blankets! And to tell you the truth, yeah, I prefer the colourful one, too.

RE: Wollmeise, (assuming you were the Jeanie who left the comment), no she doesn't do wholesale. I'd been talking to her about it, but she's not ready to do such a thing yet. So, no, nobody carries it. I'm not sure how much it would cost to order and get it ship to the US, but I don't think it would cost an arm and a leg at all, even with the exchange rates. Comparing to the prices of what I see from the US, Wollmeise is pretty cheap for hand-dyed. :-) So, go ahead and write her an email and order yourself some yumminess!


WOW!!! YOUr babette is AMAZING!!! love the colours and different sized squares! I also love the striped afghan..beautiful colours


I like both Babette's. The colorful has a happy excited mood to it. And the white one is calming and peaceful. Two very different results from the same pattern. I think I would use either depending on my mood. I'm going to have to find that pattern.


I LOVE the color babette...it's GORGEOUS!!!


...oops, typed 'may' twice. I looked, perhaps not hard enough, for pattern info on babette...is it your own? I haven't seen any others around.


Of the two, the colored one is my favorite.

I was scrolling through your previous posts, and I couldn't believe how much your hair has grown since the last time I saw you. It looks great!

Did you get the Twinkle-a-long invite that I sent?



Love the hair pics!! And OMG - your Babettes are *gorgeous*! You're right, it's totally amazing how different they are, but I like the cream one too even with the zig zaggy thing going on :) Can I ask where you got the pattern? I'd love to make the colored one. I'm on an afghan thing right now too. Everyone's having babies so I'm keeping busy making baby blankets. At least they're small so it's not so bad, but they still take a while. Glad you're enjoying yours!


They both look great!! I really need to make one once I get my overflowing yarn stash under control!


I have lurked at the Babette pool for months, but as beautiful as they are, I just couldn't commit to all those colors. However - Your cream colored wonder did me in!! I have started mine in a gray baby alpaca (I can't wait for the weather to turn cold so I can wrap up in it!) I have the first 5 sections done and have sewn them together, section 6 crocheted and am in the middle of section 7. What size did your cream finish if you don't mind me asking. And thanks for the inspiration. I can't wait to finish mine and see if I like it as much as I like yours!!

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