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June 25, 2007



Ahhhhh.....isn't that the Sweet Pea Shawl I see you holding in the picture?

Oh, and here's an embarrassing thing: I didn't even know it was you who added me on Ravelry. I got so many people adding me now that I just add them back without looking who it is. Then you were talking about being on Ravelry and then I was: "What the heck? Why haven't I seen this gal around?!"

Ps. When are you going to do another episode of Crochet Cast? Are you ever doing an episode again? :-(

Glamaw/ aka Queen E, Lady of Laughter,  We take our sillieness seriously          .

Well, finally!!!! I am so happy to hear what is going


I live in the Chicago area and will be going to Stitches Midwest - you should post about the meetup on the SKC site too!


OMG, you're in Texas, too? I love Gruene. (I'm in Houston.) I've been reading you for a bit, but had no idea what part of the country you were in. I probably missed that somewhere along the way. Cool!


ooohhhh I envy you the trip to Stitches. East will be in Baltimore this year, but I am not sure whether or not I'll do more than a day. :(


The Gristmill is delish. I haven't eaten there in years.

I'm right there with ya regarding Ravelry. It's so addictive, my kids complain when they see me on the site.


Bev Love

Hi Jeanie,
I am on my second pair of Monkey socks, the first pair were for Mom. She loved them, she made everyone look at them at her birthday dinner :) I enjoy the pattern so much I started a pair for me in Regia Jeans/Denim Blue. I have already decided I must have a pair in black. I am sure my Sister will want a pair too when she sees them, and on it goes.
Health and happiness,


Love, love, love the Gristmill! Gruene is such an awesome town.

I wandered over here via Yarn Crawl because I hear you're looking for a roomie for Stitches Midwest. I'll be there Thursday thru Sunday myself, so if you're interested, drop me a line: sarahloisATmsnDOTcom. Thanks!


Love the pic of you and your son together - so cute :) The Monkey socks are next on my list! I've heard that they're not as difficult as they look, so thanks for posting about your yarn choices etc. I'm excited to get started - thanks for introducing me to socks Jeanie!! I'm anxiously awaiting my Ravelry invite after hearing about everyone loving the site so much. I've got a miserably tiny stash though, so I don't imagine it will take too long to get it in there :) I probably will still spend loads of time there though, looking at everyone else's cool stuff! Have a fantastic time at Stitches!!


Can't wait to meet you at Stitches. I am taking classes Friday and Saturday - but I think you're smart to just explore this year - the Market and the people watching are the best part. I definitely DO want to meet you while I'm there. Can't wait!


I thank you heartily for not going on and on about how great Ravelry is when most people can't get in. It was excruciating hearing about it everywhere and not having an invite!


Glad to see you haven't blogged lately, either! Hee...

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