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June 07, 2007



How scary! We had identities and info stolen and it is a huge pain!


Weird and scary, I'm glad she got caught.

Glamaw/ aka Queen E, Lady of Laughter,  We take our sillieness seriously          .

I should press charges too. She read some of my emails to you, thereby breaking the privacy act. My attorney says she can easily get 10 years, especially since you have the proof. And what do you think her employer would think about the ones that she copied during work?


Good luck Jeanie, not that you need it!


That woman has SERIOUS issues! I really hope she is punished to the full extent of the law. It is just horrible that this happened to you.

They Call Me "Cleo".

Who does this?
Does she not have a life?
How pathetic is that...


so, what's the verdict?

Bev Love

That is truly frightening. 2001 - she made a life of invading your life. Pretty sad really. I am glad you caught her before she did any real damage.


Lola LB

Oh, yes, she really did have too much time on her hands. Take her to court and clean her clock.


Oh Jeanie - I'm *so* sorry!! Gosh, some of the stuff people pull....I just don't get it. I hope you get some justice and she learns her lesson.



This is so incredibly low. And sad. And pathetic. And...

Thank God you've got the goods on her. She's a real menace to society and needs to be stopped. Good luck to you.


Jeannie please go to the authorities with this information. This person could be seriously dangerous. She is very much a stalker!


So, does SOMEONE get any time for hacking into your account?

I think she deserves it.

Please tell me she doesn't just get a slap on the wrist?

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