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January 17, 2007



I'm with you on practicality - just because you *can* afford to do something, doesn't mean you should. I love the pic of that room - I like the uncluttered style of it, the color of the walls and the light fixtures. You're a great decorator!


well you know how I feel about Lion Brand anything. as a mother of 5 I am all for the practical and affordable, but most importantly, the washable. I will say this for almost all the Lion yarns, they wear like iron and I think they look fantastic. and what is the point in making something in a way more expensive yarn just so you can say you did. Would anyone else KNOW besides you and blog world? I love cotton ease and I love you and your creative genius. I can't wait to see it all done


Oh I just absolutely love that blanket. And I am all for practicality always always always!


A Koigu blanket!?!? And I thought a sweater I saw in Touch Me was outrageous.

It is lovely yarn, but at $16 and 60 yds. per skein, I can only imagine the amount of yarn needed!


A koigu blanket is just rediculous. Fantastic, but rediculous.

I'm diggin' your blanket in a million ways, and it's making me want to drag out my blanket squares and start back up on them. I can't wait to see yours finished!

I love your home! It's actually very similar in colors to mine, I think I have more goldish colors on my walls though. (I like yours better.)
That's a great idea about the canvas dropcloths! I'll have to remember that one. I'm all about being frugal, I'd rather spend my money on yarn. :)


How in the world do you keep your couch with all those kids?

Magic, I say. Magic.


As much as I love the Koigu, I still remember seeing that pattern and thinking that that was just CRAZY.

Would you come and decorate my house for me? Pretty please?

Stacey traister

I am brand new to crochet thanks to seeing the Babbette Blanket and like you I did the math...I knew from the get go that I would have to figure out a different brand of yarn...I would love to know how you are making it bigger...remember I am a newbie. Your blanket looks beautiful!

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