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April 04, 2006



Hey, Jeanne, yes I did get my yarn and it is BEAUTIFUL! My friend's birthday is this week and I am going to wrap the yarn with a sock pattern and promise her socks by the fall :) Watch for my next post.


Hey, whose feet are those this time? Gosh that Sweet Feet yarn is pretty! It is such a happy color. Your last Orangina was nice and I can't wait to see this one.


You go girl... your socks rock!


Love your Happy Jaywalkers, they look great on your happy feet.


Great looking pair of socks. The sure do look happy!

Do you think the Jaywalker pattern is a good first sock pattern?


Beautiful, happy socks. I'm so glad FSS and Kyle's dad can be there for each other. Sounds like you have a great community.


Hang in there Jeanne - the socks are fantastic!


Baby steps in Happy Feet, it's a good start. Great socks, and get you with three pair now!

Sounds like FSS is hanging in and has a good support system, and he has you and his Lord.


Being the sock knitting addict that I am right now, I absolutely love those socks. They look happy!


Jeanie - happy feet is exactly what you need right now! Crochet Cast sounded great too, I love the new format. Hug your babies!

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