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March 18, 2006



The stripes came out beautifully! Thanks for the tip on the darning egg. I have pretty much given up kitchnering and gone to other types of toes.


Hey, I think I need one of those weapon/sock darners! That looks like a handy tool girl!

Your sock ended up fitting perfect... crisis averted!


Your sock looks great. The yarn is gorgeous. Very spring-like.



Jeanie, thanks for the egg idea. I enjoyed your second crochet podcast very much, as well as the instruction on how to make Kitchener's stitch easier. I ordered my "egg" and it should arrive any day now. Thanks!


Hey - would you mind mentioning the yarn swap on your blog? I know you have a bigger readership than me and I think it will be more fun if more people participate. Thanks!


Man, you are FAST! It took me 4-5 days to get close to the end point of my JayWalker, and that was without frogging! (Ok, I spent Friday at the Zoo, but still!) They look GREAT!


If you hate kitchener so much, have you tried short row toes or considered the 3 needle bind off?

I 'darned' a sock yesterday, but it is CRAZY LOL - since I only followed about the first 1/8th of the instructions and had my own 'bright' ideas afterwards. Hey, but the hole is patched, so that's what matters, right?


Oh yeah! Awesome Jaywalkers!!!! LOVE them


Love those socks! I listened to your crochetpod cast thing. Okay I can't say it but I listened to it. Looking forward to the next episode! Sorry about the frogging!


If you're looking for a really cheap sock darner, use a light bulb! Growing up my mom always darned our socks when they got holes in them and for a long time I did, too. A light bulb is always handy and is just the right size.


Your socks look great! I've actually just reposted my tutorial on the used of a darning egg for sock toes with better pics! The new link is on my sidebar, replacing the link in your post.

I read about Kyle and I'm so very sad for the loss you and yours are suffering.

Suzi Ramos

Thanks for sharing the idea for using darners. I found you when I was looking for antique darners. My mom just gave me 2 that had belonged to my 2 grandmas and i wanted to see when they were from. Now I have another use for them (besides repairing my hand knit socks)Thank you

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